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We work with mature, transforming and early-stage organizations. Engagements are stuctured carefully for each client to meet resources, confidentiality, follow-up, and training requirements. For obvious economic reasons, we prefer to work with internal client resources, but we can bring a full team of trained specialists as needed. Full scope engagements such as deal engineering, assessment and reengineering are well packaged to ensure an early methodical start.  Knowledge transfer is engrained in every aspect of our work and, in addition, available through special training, follow-up arrangements, and access to tools, designs and methods through this site materials available to members.



We are generally engaged by the buyer of outsourcing services.
We assist clients in both public and private sectors to:   
♦ Structure, tender, and negotiate outsourcing deals;              
♦ Review, repair and renegotiate existing outsourcing deals;
♦ Position existing deals against best in class and  market.

We accept engagements from the vendors under stricter conditions.
Such conditions are intended to avoid conflicts of interest.

♦ The restrictions imposed are: time, geography and scope of advice;
♦ Often we are engaged jointly by vendor and beneficiary (buyer);
♦ Assignments generally involve economic sharing of new value created.

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