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 10 Critical attributes of the SLA Structure

 1. Coverage: Most services covered (Metric, Frequency of measurement, Minimum range, Base Remedy).
 2. Not Punitive: Include Remedies not Penalties. Aim to reduce profit, not put Provider in a loss position.
 3. Escalation - Capped: Escalate when service levels not met, but put a Cap at a reasonable amount.
 4. Fair: Include a process to earn back remedies, but not to increase price.
 5. Reasonable and Meaningful: May attract termination for cause for repeated failure to meet Service Levels.
 6. Transparency: Service Level Reports will be provided by Provider with each invoice submitted.
 7. Prevalence: If changes are not mutually agreed, existing SLA stays in force.
 8. Adaptive: Process to add, change, delete SLA parameters (subject to prevalaence).
 9. Accelerated: Linear or geometrical progression of increasing remedy amounts for consecutive failures.
10.Verifiable: Access and integrity of all SLA measurement and reporting underlying data.

Through the creation of appropriate deal documents, structure and negotiations we ensure these attributes are in the deal.

When we conduct an assessment of the arrangement, governance, and vendor management we assess them against these attributes in addition to other deal specific necessary criteria.

A full description of the SLA Framework is available to site members.

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