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Working on the buy side as an outsourcing client, on the sell side of outsourcing, and on both sides of the Atlantic, we have acquired a point of view.  This point of view has been vetted and refined during the 20 years of advisory work with multiple clients, in different industries, and multiple jurisdictions. Our point of view is based on real cases, real deals, and is anchored in practical business realities.

We use our hands on experiences on real deals, to validate the more theoretical and analytical aspects of our methods, tools, designs, and recommendations (Click the TauToolSet link top-right to see the tool set).

We validate this point of view individually, on each engagement. This invaluable and unique level of experience saves time and creates value for our clients. 

Our point of view reflects these findings and, at times, appears counter-intuitive. Here are some I've come to believe over time: Outsourcing, per se, does not increase the risk held by the buyer organization; Outsourcing is an economic necessity, predicted as far back as 1937; Long term outsourcing deals without specific mechanisms to ensure market discipline over the duration of the deal may negate some or all the buyer benefits; Outsourcing is only one of the manifestations of the new Services Supply Chain evolution in a servicies based economy; Outsourcing deals that last need to create new value rather than pit vendor profits against buyer savings; Not quantified, the scalability of an outsourcing solution will likely not yield economic benefits to the buyer or the vendor.

We have received feedback that the website drops too quickly to "what is done" and "how it's done". This is good feedback and true feedback. However, after much thought, at least for now, we will stay away from the generic, and be clear and specific about the substance of our approach, about what we do and how we do it

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