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TAU-SPIDER-DEAL-MAPPNG.gifIf you have a good history of outsourcing deals, you can review and compare them. We suggest using the same criteria for all.  A list of suggested criteria (or axis for graphical representation) is very helpful.  Another approach is to map the submissions to a tender (RFP) and compare them. This is a true market test, but it only shows a point in time comparison based on a few data points.  We have collected, classified, and maintain up to date data on outsourcing deals totalling several billion dollars in Total Contract Value.

In the example to the right, Deal 1 shows "at market"  protection for Price Stability and Audits, but repair and remediation work is required for: Service Levels Metrics and Remedies, Termination for Cause, and Deal Governance.

If you would like us to review, assess and map the deal under consideration, please use the contact us form provided, and we would be pleased to assist you. 

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