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We provide advice and transaction assistance in the planning and execution of all key steps of outsourcing deals. TAU Group Inc. was founded in 1989 by Tudor Negrea (Bio Notes). He continues to manage and run the company. The mark of our work is creativity, intensity, and obsessive focus on benefits realization of new and existing outsourcing arrangements.
Our expertise is services procurement strategy (Outsourcing) and execution support on: Deal Structuring, Deal Assessment and Repair, Contract Negotiations and Vendor Management. The main characteristic of our work is advice and execution assistance that are not generic. This site is consistent with this.
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Our preference is to go straight into the matters at hand: The decision to outsource Vertically (by process) or Horizontally (following infrastructure) may be mutally exclusive and have long term impact
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Key decisions on strategy, approach, scope, and term of outsourcing deals, will impact your execution ability both short and long term. We can assist you to make the right decisions and answer the questions (Diagram?)A decision to outsource Infrastrusture or Processes affects your business for a long time..:

  •  Single Sourcing (one vendor)? or
  •  Multi Sourcing (several vendors)?
  •  Achieve Buying Power with one vendor? or 
  •  Best of Breed among several vendors?
  •  Should Payroll be included with Finance or with HR-Processes?
  •  Should A/R be included with Finance or Supply Chain Management?
  •  Should the duration of the agreements be staggered or plan for a co-terminus strategy?


While each outsourcing deal can be structured or adjusted to be "at market" or better, it seems clear that an enterprise-wide long term approach of all outsourcing deals undertaken will yield more economic benefits.

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